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God of the grape harvest, Bacchus is the liberator, whose wine, music and ecstatic dance frees his followers from self-conscious fear and care. Sip your cares away with one of these fine wine selections.

Welcome to Bacchus

Located in the heart of Montrose, we are proud to serve the wine drinkers and coffee connoisseurs of Houston Texas. Serving only the best illy coffee in an upscale atmosphere for both work and conversation.

"A picture from Dunlavy of Bacchus"

As an extension of the established Eurostone Marble company, we decided to make our showroom a little bit more useful and opened our doors in 2010 as Bacchus, a Mediterranean coffee house and fine wine bar.

Our marble covers the entire bar from wall to wall providing a clean and comfortable feeling as you walk in. Our goal was to serve the best coffee in the world in an atmosphere that creates an upscale sophisticated ambiance. Perfect for business meetings, studying or just getting a snack before heading out, we strive to cater to our unique clientele of the montrose area.